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457 Words

457 Words

Yesterday didn't go as planned. 

I let myself sleep in, as I usually do on Mondays when I'm recovering from Brunch Brainso I willingly confess that my day didn't start off all that productively. But somehow I never managed to get caught up and it was 6pm before I realized that I still hadn't showered and was wearing sweatpants over my pyjamas. 

So what happened? Yesterday, when I was supposed to finish the first section of my new chapter, had nothing to offer me but a series of unavoidable distractions.

Dishes. Laundry. Blog (ok I think I'm on track here). Troubleshoot computer issues (not as on track as I thought). Laundry again. Make five posters for this upcoming gig. Finally finish blog. Dishes again. 

That's about when I realized that it was 6:15pm and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Cue blood-sugar crash, a seriously grumpy attitude, and takeout.

I huddled up on the couch, ate two generous helpings of comfort food, and let myself watch 42 minutes of Netflix. But then the anxiety set in.

Now that I was fully fed and had stopped to breathe for a moment, I started to panic that I hadn't written a single word of my latest chapter. I see this happen to creative people all the time: they start off with a plan but then life gets in the way and the sun has gone down before they've picked up a paintbrush, or a pen, or an instrument. Then twenty or thirty years go by that way... This is one of my biggest fears.

So despite a fried and frazzled mind and a serious desire to let Netflix keep on rolling, I forced myself to sit back down in front of my major work-in-progress. 

I'll just see how this goes, I thought. Maybe I'll write a little paragraph or two. 

Suddenly, despite the terrible day and all the frustrations it brought, I had written 457 words. It wasn't much, but it was something. It was enough to dispel my anxiety over my lack of productivity, and I was able to finally chill out. 

So I guess the lesson here is that it's never too late to pick up that pen, or that paintbrush, or that trombone. Even if you've only got half an hour, or twenty minutes, or five, it's not nothing. 

(But here's hoping today brings me a few long hours of uninterrupted writing!)

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