Eye-Catching: June 2015

Lately I'm all about refreshing my summer wardrobe and updating some little things around the house. It's time for (late) spring cleaning, getting rid of the unworn and outdated, and replacing it with something new and beautiful! I haven't actually gotten around to doing any of this, but I've found plenty of ideas online. Here's what's inspiring me this month, and let's hope I find some time in the next few weeks to do some real shopping!

1. This beaded wrap bracelet serves as seasonal colour inspiration and is the perfect accessory to complete that summer festival look.

2. I've been in the market for a black bikini for ages, but I'm now more interested in this black & white colour blocking. It's a little more fun than plain black, and, from the looks of the photos, this bikini seems to be more structurally sound than others I've tried on, without sacrificing style or sex appeal.

3. Today I walked past a vintage sequin dress in a designer consignment shop and fell in love. Since I rarely have any place to wear that much sparkle, I sought out this sequin tank as a slightly more casual alternative. I love the way it's dressed down with these ripped boyfriend jeans; it encourages me to experiment with unexpected wardrobe pairings and fit fancier pieces into my everyday look.

4. I used to have a denim shirtdress that I wore all the time, but it's gone to clothing heaven. I usually forget about most of my clothing once it's out of sight, but I really miss that dress. It was incredibly versatile, easy to accessorize, and suitable for all sorts of occasions. I love being able to pull on one piece of clothing and feel like I've got a whole outfit figured out, so I will definitely be replacing that dress before long. 

5. Since I moved to Toronto seven (SEVEN!) years ago I've been pretty nomadic and have lived in five different apartments. Moving around so much has always made me hesitant to decorate as much as I might like... Decorating always seemed to demand too much time and money to spend on a temporary home. Now I've been living in the same apartment for two years, and I love it. I don't anticipate moving any time soon so I've started shopping for more artwork. I discovered a whole series of vintage travel and tourism posters online and of course I picked some Canadiana as my favourite!

6. I love the geometric mix of natural stone and wood in these kitchen boards. These would be great for serving snacks at one of my fictional cocktails parties... I swear one day I'll be grownup enough to have a real cocktail party! And when that day comes, I'll have to invest in these beautiful platters and some fancy cheeses.

What has got you inspired this June?