Beers & Bites at Bellwoods Brewery

Bellwoods Brewery has become a west Toronto institution synonymous with summer patio season. For beer aficionados and fans of local microbrews, it is the place to sample some of the best Toronto has to offer. 

Whether you're in the mood for a pint of draft on their Ossington Street patio or are looking to pick up some bottles for your next BBQ, Bellwoods Brewery offers it all. Another bonus is that their retail shop is open until 11pm every day, long after the regular liquor stores have closed.

As for me, I stopped in on a night off this week for a pint and some late-night snacks on the patio.


The menu isn't huge, but it's great for snacking and sharing!


I'm no beer expert, but I know what I like, so I was sold as soon as I read the description for the Jutsu American Pale Ale.

"Easy drinking. Low bitterness, clean malt character, and tons of juicy apricot nectar, stone fruit aromatics, and dank hop flavour. 6% ABV"

It's fruity, refreshing, and smooth: ideal for a summer evening!


always want to order the cheese plate when I go out for snacks. I loved the fresh honey and rhubarb compote with the soft creamy cheese, but I thought the two firm cheeses (although tasty) were a little too similar to each other. What can I say, I like variety... Good news is that the cheese selection changes once in a while so regulars can keep trying something different and new.


Fried chicken is another staple in my snacking diet, and this one was out of this world! Possibly my favourite fried chicken in Toronto so far... The crispy chicken is tossed in buffalo sauce to give the chicken a tangy flavour that other recipes don't feature. Creamy buttermilk dipping sauce takes the dish to a whole new level!

Definitely a perfect spot to spend a casual weeknight in the west end!

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