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Oscars Red Carpet

Oscars Red Carpet

Every year after the Oscars my mom and I would pick our favourite outfits of the night. Everyone is so stunning at the Academy Awards that it's always an impossible choice. Back in the day, we would flip through Monday's style section and try and settle on two or three favourites. But, now that I've got my own little corner of the internet, I can write my own style section! As tempting as it is to list 100 dresses, I've forced myself to limit this post to my 8 favourite looks.

Now it's time for an important side-note that I'm injecting in here without any real literary segue because it's just that pressing. In case you haven't already heard about #AskHerMore, it's a social media movement which encourages journalists on the red carpet to ask women about more than just what they're wearing. As much as we all love to talk about the clothes, it's time to ask about more than just fashion, and shift the focus toward the great work being done by women in the entertainment industry.

After following the movement throughout awards season, I was pleased with what I saw on the red carpet last night. Both men and women were asked briefly about the talented designers and stylists behind their looks; but, more importantly, the stars were asked to speak in detail about their work and the issues that matter to them most. Julianne Moore highlighted the importance of Alzheimer's research; Reese Witherspoon spoke about female strength and independence; and countless other women were asked to speak about their careers, the nominated films, and other upcoming projects. Producer Dana Perry called for open discussions on suicide in her acceptance speech, and Patricia Arquette exploded the Twittersphere when she dedicated a portion of her acceptance speech to demand equal rights and equal pay for women everywhere. 

Of course we're going to talk about style, but let's remember what's most important and continue to #AskHerMore. Last night was a step in the right direction, so let's keep the discussion alive and continue to run toward equality! 

Now, with another poorly written transitional phrase, here are my top 8 looks from last night, all worn by talented women who are so much more than a mannequin. In no particular order, here we go:


It was a rainy and cold (for California) on Oscar night, but Margot Robbie found the perfect way to rock a dress with sleeves and still show just the right amount of skin.


The neckline of this dress is cut beautifully and is wonderfully embellished while still evoking a classic simplicity. It's got just the right amount of sparkle and that red is perfect for the star of a hot-and-heavy romance. My most pressing question: how do I get my pony-tails to look that stunningly effortless and stylish?


Another perfect use of red. The detailing on this one made it an instant favourite of mine, and the simplicity of her accessories and styling makes her natural beauty shine. I love the way the plain satin hugs her waist and balances the pattern on the rest of the gown.


This is so simple and timeless, and just screams Old Hollywood glam. It's easy to go overboard on the red carpet, and it takes a special kind of confidence and style to trust that a simple look like this will stand out from the crowd just as stunningly as a big ball-gown. 


Lupita's look got everyone talking. This custom gown designed by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein is embellished with 6000 pearls. I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it and she has carried it off beautifully. It would be easy for a show-stopping dress like that to steal the show, but her personality shines through and makes sure that the dress doesn't overwhelm her for a single second.


Taya Kyle is not a person who usually attends award shows. She is the widow of American Sniper's Chris Kyle and attended the Oscars in support of the film and her husband's memory. Everything about this look is flawless, and she is as glamorous and beautiful as any celebrity who walks the red carpet regularly. I'm a big fan of the rich green (a colour we haven't seen much of this season at all) and the cut of this dress flatters her beautifully. 


Embellishments and neutral colours have been very popular this season and they can be hard trends to pull off. Especially when the neutral we're talking about is beige, nude, or taupe. I have to say that this dress by Versace is my favourite take on those trends so far. The colour is just the right shade to avoid looking totally nude and the delicate embellishments are beautiful and classy.


You don't often see a red carpet look where the focus is mostly on a single accessory. This turquoise, aquamarine, and diamond chocker by Tiffany And Co. took a simple black gown into a category of its own. And if you're going to wear velvet, this is definitely the way to do it. 

There you have my favourite Oscar looks for 2015! And now I'm all inspired to do my spring shopping; I just need find someplace where I can wear a floor-length gown...

Which red carpet look was your favourite this year?

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