The Arborist by JP Maurice

Toronto is a pretty friendly place. It seems like every time I go out I meet someone new, and everyone I meet is interesting and talented. I met JP Maurice when I went to check out Stonetrotter at the Cameron House, and picked up a copy of his debut solo album The Arborist. 


The album opens with a soundscape that quickly transitions into an upbeat melody you won't be able to get out of your head. The first thing I noticed about The Arborist is that the songs are filled with lyrics you'll connect with right away. The album's opening song "Gas Pedal" speaks to the universal feelings of growing up. It calls up memories of being seventeen, riding your bike, dreaming of adulthood, and wanting to make that moment last forever. ... The song is one we can all relate to and that makes you want to sing along.

The Arborist is definitely a pop album; I can totally picture turning up the radio to hear one of these tracks on a summer drive, or dancing to the uptempo numbers at a party. Maurice says that a pop sound was exactly what he and co-producer Adam Sutherland were striving to achieve. Maurice and Sutherland worked together for most of 2013 in Victoria, BC to create an album full of pop anthems influenced by artists like Gotye and Foster the People. 

"We had a very defined concept going into the recording," says Maurice. "We studied current trends in pop music which we wanted to adapt to my songs. We wanted to make an intelligent but undeniably pop record."

When you combine hip musicality with heartfelt lyrics, you can't help but write songs that people will be singing all day and listening to over and over again.

Connect with JP Maurice on Twitter and Instagram to find out were he'll be performing next. And while you're waiting to catch him live, why not take a peek at his recently released music video: