Back to Business


I am back in Toronto after a long visit home, and Christmas is officially over. You wouldn't know it though, considering I still have turkey in my fridge and plenty of gingerbread in the cupboard. 

This year I went home to my parents for the longest visit I've had there in ages and I was able to take a nice break from my usual life. My mom and I went on long walks along the river, we baked cookies and watched movies based on 19th century novels... it was perfect. I didn't have school or work and I even took a little hiatus from blogging.

The thing about stepping away from my life for a couple weeks is that it made me all the more eager to jump back into my routine now that the holidays are over. As much as I enjoyed my time away and my break from the real world, I'm now so happy to be home and my brain is full of inspiration for the coming months. This week is all about setting my goals for the new year and I'm very motivated to get back to work on my book. 

I had hoped to get more writing work done while I was away but the days were so full with family time. Luckily, it turned out that a short break was exactly what I needed to come back to my desk today feeling refreshed, inspired, and very eager to be productive. 

I was worried that I would lose momentum if I went to stay with my parents for so long, but it turns out that writing is just like any other addiction. I can only fall off the wagon for so long before I jump right back in with gusto.