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Three Signs You're a Real Grown-up

Three Signs You're a Real Grown-up


As you might have gleaned from my lack of posts this week, I've been having a very busy and stressful November. Why? Because I think I might actually be a real adult. 

Adulthood has come to me in stages. I felt adult when I moved away from home, when I graduated university, when I bought my first pair of really expensive grown-up shoes, but those were just baby steps compared to now.

So how do you know if you're a REAL adult? Here are three signs you might be... responsible: 

1. You are someone's "in-case-of-emergency-person", the executor of someone's Last Will and Testament, and/or you have Power of Attorney of any kind. 

So far I've got two of three, which I think is pretty good for someone who's only 25. This means I've developed an irrational fear of being less than a foot away from my cellphone at any given time in case someone gets hit by a taxi.

2. Your keys are heavy. Like, really heavy. 

My key-chain has gotten comedically large and heavy, and I know what ALL the keys are for. Plus, I need all of them on a regular basis and some of them are really really big, impossible to copy, and open important expensive doors that don't belong to me. The possibility of losing my keys now sparks a whole new kind of terror.

3. You have investments of any kind. 

To be clear, this only counts if they are investments you opened yourself. It doesn't count if they were opened in your name by a parent, grandparents, or mysteriously rich uncle. I might not know the difference between a GIC and a Mutual Fund, but I gave the guys at the bank a bunch of my money and they promised to give me more of it back later. Like, when I retire. 

So to compensate for being a REAL adult, I spent a weeknight drinking beers until 2am, and am writing this blog post in pyjamas. 

But I have a feeling this may only be the beginning of adulthood... and a part two of this list just might appear sometime in the near future...

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Decisions Decisions

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