Creeping Toward the Deadline


I don't know what it is about October, but I feel like I've been behind on my writing deadlines all month. Maybe it's because we had an extra essay due this month in addition to our book chapter? Maybe it's because I went to visit family for Thanksgiving and lost a few writing days? Maybe it's because I picked up an extra shift at the restaurant?

In other words, maybe it's just life?

I feel like I've spent the whole month of October glued to my desk, typing away all day and yet I'm still scrambling to finish everything in time for my deadlines on Monday. It's an particularly strange feeling because I think this may have been one of my most prolific writing months in a long time. I've written over 10 000 words in just over three weeks, plus I've churned out a handful of blog posts, and many of those 10 000 words have been revised and revised again. Not to mention all the research I've done just to be able to write the book and the essay in the first place. 

So why do I feel so far behind? Why do I feel like I'm barely going to get it all done in time? It seems like no matter how much time I spend writing and writing and writing, I'm still just squeaking in under the wire. 

And I don't even have real responsibilities! I don't have kids, a pet, an ageing parent, a mortgage, or even a full time job... 

I think this October exists in some kind of crazy twilight-zone time warp where no matter how much I write, the hours just slip away and the chapter still isn't finished. 

It's amazing how much time life takes. Yesterday I spent over an hour at the bank because my accounts were all messed up. Today I spent forty-five minutes trying to submit a health insurance claim before the server failed and all my files were lost. That's some seriously valuable writing time gone down the drain before I could even blink!

I'm starting to understand why writers lock themselves in tiny cabins in the woods, because locking myself in my apartment just isn't good enough!