Book Club: Celtic Lightning


If you happened to be near Ben McNally Books at Bay and Richmond yesterday evening, you may have heard the sound of bagpipes heralding the arrival of author Ken McGoogan and his new book Celtic Lightning. 

Celtic Lightning: How the Scots and Irish Created a Canadian Nation, explores the some of the most quintessential Canadian questions: Who do we think we are? Where do we come from? What makes us Canadian?

Ken McGoogan at Ben McNally Books

Ken McGoogan at Ben McNally Books

McGoogan rejects the popular idea that Canadians have little to no cultural identity or history. Demographically speaking, over nine million Canadians (1/4 of us!) can trace some part of their genealogy to Scottish or Irish origins. McGoogan's latest book investigates how this strong Celtic influence has become an inherent part of who we all are as Canadians. And I can't wait to read it!

Pick up a copy at your local bookstore, or online here.