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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

It's election day! TODAY! 

Today we all get the privilege (and responsibility) of helping chose our next federal government. 


I feel like we forget how awesome that is. We're so used to the idea of democracy that we forget how lucky we are to be able to vote. We get to have a say in who runs our country and what kind of country we want to live in. People haven't always been lucky enough to do that and plenty of people all over the world are still clamouring for that privilege. 

Have I convinced you to vote yet?

Maybe you think your one vote won't make a difference. That's okay, I have a cartoon for that:

 image via google

image via google

It may seem silly to use a cartoon to try and convince you to vote, but I think it illustrates the situation perfectly. You might only be one voice, but together we are many. 

Maybe you don't know what the parties stand for and feel it would be irresponsible to make an uninformed decision. That's okay, I have a 2 minute video and a political cheat-sheet for that:

Global News' Last-Minute Voter's Guide. 

Maybe you're not sure where you stand on certain issues and don't know where you fit into the political landscape. That's okay, I have a quiz for that:

Vote Compass 

Maybe you don't fully understand how your riding relates to the bigger picture or maybe you want to better understand strategic voting. That's okay, I have a website for that:

Vote Together

Maybe you're concerned about a difficult commute to the polls. That's okay, I have an app for that:

Uber Offers Free Rides to the Polls 

Maybe you think it's too late to register to vote. That's okay, it's not:

How To Vote

Maybe you're stuck at work and think you won't make it to the polling stations. That's okay, your boss is legally required to give you time off to vote today:

Here's the Law 

Maybe you don't believe in our electoral system or strongly disagree with the platforms of all the parties. That's okay, you can still go and make your opinions known by spoiling your ballot. If you really feel strongly that our government isn't working, you should make that voice heard. If you don't at least spoil your ballot your political views will remain silenced. Plus, you'll just be lumped in with all those lazy and apathetic people who don't vote. And nobody wants to be those people. Right guys?

I think I've covered every possible excuse in this post. So now you have no reason not to vote! Even if you click on every single one of the links I've included here, it won't take more than 15 minutes of your day to educate yourself and make an informed contribution to our country. 

With voter turnout at the advance polls up 70%, let's all hit the streets and make this the year we break Canada's records for voter turnout. Let's show the world we care about our country!

Creeping Toward the Deadline

Creeping Toward the Deadline