Indie Night @ The Rivoli feat. Liminal Divide

Last week, I swung by The Rivoli to catch progressive-rock band Liminal Divide. But before heading out, we had to snap a couple pics of our fall outfits.

The photo above gives you a slightly better look at the sheer sleeves and cutouts on Laura's brand-new sweater from Dynamite. Click on the photos below to check out similar styles and use the arrows on either side to scroll.

Now on to the main event...

Indie Night at the Rivoli is a great way to check out three or four bands emerging bands and cover is just $5 for the whole night. I've been to Indie Night a few times, and it's always a fun roulette of new music. This week, however, I only had time to catch one band: Liminal Divide.


Within a single song, Liminal Divide's music ranges from heavy rock to a more atmospheric style, and back again; it borders on metal at times, but never goes overboard in one direction. Vocalist and guitarist Remy Perrin spoke to me afterward about his band's songwriting philosophy.

"The idea is to let the emotion drive the music," he said. "And not worry about genre, or what it's called, or how its 'supposed' to be labelled. When you start writing, let the music guide you to the rest of the song."

Not sure what to expect? Check out this 60 second preview:

Remy Perrin is also the composer behind The Human Genre Project, a music series which features over 80 different genres of music. The Human Genre Project maps the development of Western music from 1900 to the present day by featuring 30 second music clips, in chronological order, from nearly every genre imaginable. All music is composed by Perrin and each clip is accompanied by an educational blurb on the style. It's a great way to get a crash-course in the last 100 years of music history. Visit to listen or click on the image below.

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Remy Perrin is clearly invested in music and music history as a form of human expression, and I'm curious to see where else his artistic explorations will take him. 

For more information on Liminal Divide and upcoming shows, visit their website: