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There's A Light On

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet Toronto-based musician Brooklyn Doran for coffee and a copy of her unreleased debut EP "There's A Light On". Brooklyn, a Kenora native who now calls Toronto home, has been writing, recording, and fundraising for the past year and a half; all in anticipation of the launch of her first self-authored record on May 22 2014.

 Album design and posters by Maddy Haney

Album design and posters by Maddy Haney

Anxious as I was to head home and listen to the record, I stayed to chat with Brooklyn about her songwriting debut.

"I'm so excited," she said. " It sounds different from what I imagined, in a good way. I wrote for the band I play with, but it's exciting to bring it to a team that brings something more, who can imagine [including] other instruments."

Specifically, Brooklyn is speaking of producer Adam Faux who thought of bringing in William Sperandei on trumpet to take care of the horn arrangements. Fans familiar with Brooklyn's live performances around West Toronto can expect to hear something a little different on the recording. In addition to Brooklyn's usual acoustic band and the new horn section, "There's a Light On" features electric guitar and accordion. The result is that the album sounds much more jazzy than I had expected from an indie-folk singer-songwriter. A pleasant surprise for followers of Brooklyn's music will be when they hear the crowd favourite "Lansdowne" emphasize a piano melody over the acoustic guitar. 

 Mike Tudisco, Aaron Corbett, Brooklyn Doran, and Erik Lindemann // Photo and artwork by Maddy Haney

Mike Tudisco, Aaron Corbett, Brooklyn Doran, and Erik Lindemann // Photo and artwork by Maddy Haney

With the album so close to its release date, Brooklyn is clear that this EP won't define her entire musical career. "[With this record] I want people to hear potential... I'm learning the realities behind being Beyonce," she jokes. "At first, I wanted everything to sound the most professional, but then I started embracing the imperfections in order to feel the emotions. Adam [Faux] encouraged that. It's not about being cookie-cutter perfect."

Want to hear it for yourself? The EP drops in just under a week on May 22. Digital copies will be available to download for FREE on Brooklyn's soundcloud and bandcamp

But if you are dying to hear it all in person and to own an old-fashioned hard copy, Brooklyn will be performing at the EP Launch Party on May 22 at The Piston (937 Bloor St). Physical copies of "There's A Light On" will be available to purchase at the merch table for just $5.

The EP Launch Party will feature Jon Foster (drums), Erik Lindemann (bass), Aaron Corbett (guitar), Adam Faux (guitar) and Mike Tudisco (piano). With Christian Bridges opening, it's sure to be a stellar night!


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