Cardinal Points 11.14.14

Today I'm introducing a new featured called Cardinal Points in which I highlight a few interesting articles or pieces of news from around the web. Here's what's noteworthy this week:

THE HEADLINE: Toronto city counsellor Anthony Braxton wants cyclists to pay for parking their bikes on city property. He says that the fees would be used to help build and support cycling infrastructure. The Full Story

THE HEADLINE: Earlier this week, a European spacecraft became the first to successfully land on a comet. Because of the probe's landing position, it is likely that it will not receive enough sunlight to charge its solar panels and may run out of battery life by the end of the weekend. The European Space Agency has activated the probe's drills earlier than planned, in the hope that it will be able to bring some comet samples back to Earth before losing power. The Full Story

THE HEADLINEA lost manuscript of works-in-progess by poet Dylan Thomas has been found and put up for auction. The manuscript was left with Thomas' mother-in-law Yvonne Macnamara in the 1930s. Macnamara allegedly ordered her maid Louie King to get rid of it. King died in 1984 and the manuscript was recently found among her family's possessions; it contains drafts of 19 poems by Dylan Thomas. The Full Story

What interesting articles have you come across this week? Share a link in the comments