The Maysides @ The Silver Dollar Room

Niagara-based punk-rock band The Maysides was in Toronto to kick off the weekend at the Silver Dollar Room. Despite an early start-time, the band got the party started and played with so much enthusiasm that it felt like they were playing to a full arena instead of a smaller club. 

A set of mostly original songs reminiscent of 90s punk-rock was punctuated by a Blink 182  cover and an original that sampled "The Summer of 69". It was a smart move from consummate performers who know that, when out to see an up-and-coming band, the crowd loves to hear at least one song they can sing along to. And everyone was singing. The Maysides are one of the first bands I've seen where every musician, including drummer Mike Lamb is mic'd and singing vocals. 

But it was more than just music that got the crowd excited. Front man Matt Harris kept up a steady stream of witty banter and impressed everyone by chugging a bottle of beer mid-set. The band had a couple more tricks up their sleeves including a perfectly timed theatrical tableaux. Guitarist Kenny Holt climbed onto the shoulders of a friend in the crowd for the finale without ever missing a note.

The Maysides released their first studio EP Evicted in October 2013 on iTunes and Amazon and were among the top 12 finalists for this year's HTZ FM Rock Search. If you're looking to catch some tough rock with cheeky personality, The Maysides are performing across the region for the rest of the month. Torontonians can catch them at Cherry Cola's on October 17 and at Lou Dawg's on October 18. 

For a preview, check out this music compilation:

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