Eye-Catching : November 2014

1. [SUEDE LEOPARD LOAFERS] Remember when Meredith wore similar shoes in an early episode of Grey's Anatomy? Paranoid Meredith thought they were some kind of bad omen, but for slightly-less-paranoid me, that episode put animal-print shoes on my radar. I like these ones from Chicnova in particular because they aren't too fuzzy. Some leopard print shoes look like they're covered in actual fake fur, but I don't like the idea of having to take care of my shoes as if they were a pet. It'll be simple suede for me. Plus Chicnova offers free global shipping!

2. [TEXTURED KNIT TECH EARMUFFS] I hate to say it, but for those of us in Toronto, it could snow any day. I'm currently still living in a state of denial, but that's going to get me in trouble sometime soon because I am not at all prepared for winter. Shopping for snowy days is just depressing when I think about waiting for the streetcar in January and not being able to wear cute little pairs of shoes for a whole season! Hoping to make dressing for winter slightly more fun, I stumbled across these earmuffs with built-in headphones from Bloomingdale's. If music can soothe a savage beast, can it sooth me in a snowstorm?

3. [MODCLOTH SHARED LAUGHTER DRESS IN RED] Lately, all I want to wear is grey sweaters. (see here) But in a effort to avoid a cold-weather wardrobe slump, I've sought out something colourful and fun. This dress will brighten up a neutral-toned wardrobe without being too flashy. I love the contrasts between the modestly twirly skirt, sexy cutouts in the back, and flirty peek-a-boo front. 

4. [COORDINATES BAR PENDANT] If you couldn't already tell from the name of this blog, I love everything do to with maps, compasses, and cartography. So it was no surprise to me that I fell instantly in love with this necklace when browsing Baublebar. Unfortunately, its is only available with the coordinates of three major cities at the moment: London, New York City, and Los Angeles. Paris, (pictured here), was available until recently when it sold out, but I'm hoping it will be back in stock soon. Most importantly, I'm waiting for a Toronto pendant! What do you think Baublebarcan we expect to see Toronto any time soon? After all, in a recent articleVogue named Toronto "Canada's cultural capital" and "one of the most diverse cities in the world".

5. [CROWNED QUARTZ KNOB] If the colder weather means you'll be spending more time indoors, why not give your home a little pick-me-up. These quartz knobs from Anthropologie would look beautiful on a dresser or desk drawer, and it's such a fun and inexpensive way to give yourself something new and pretty to look at. The fact that they remind me of hunting for pieces of quartz on summer camping trips up North is just a fun nostalgic bonus.