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Toronto Lifestyle Market

Toronto Lifestyle Market

This weekend, the Gladstone Hotel has curated the ultimate pop-up shop: the Toronto Lifestyle Market. Instead of a just featuring a single vendor, the ballroom at the Gladstone has been filled with the hotel's favourite local and international brands. Unlike the retail potpourri of a traditional market, the brands featured at the Toronto Lifestyle Market all share a similar aesthetic. This creates a unified feel among the displays, and makes it easy for shoppers to put together a stylishly coordinated look from shirt to shoes. 

The items at the Toronto Lifestyle Market are mostly targeted toward men, although there are a number of unisex items as well. Here's a preview of some of what you can expect to find. 

From my initial glance in the doorway, the market looked pretty unassuming, but there are plenty of gems to be found once you step inside. 

Bags and luggage by PKG, all designed to carry your laptop or tablet. If you can't make it to the Gladstone this weekend, their online store is super well designed, allowing you to shop by type of bag or by the type of electronic device you're looking to carry. 


Jewellery by Vitaly would be beautiful on both men and women. Most of their pieces are crafted from stainless steel and some feature leather, gold, and ceramic detailing.

While you're accessorizing, why not pick up some grills? These are by Goldie Rocks.


I think more people should wear cufflinks nowadays. Especially when they're as pretty as these by Skultuna. My favourites are the ones with the anchors on the top left. The Skultuna online shop also features beautiful brass housewares which can't be found at the market. 

Stunning leather watches by Daniel Wellington. These are a timeless style to be worn anywhere, and at only 6mm thick they'll never weigh you down.

The Toronto Lifestyle Market is a great place to start your holiday shopping and to pick up some brands that aren't readily available in Toronto stores. And if that wasn't enough fun for you, after 9pm tonight and tomorrow (Oct 10 & Oct 11) the ballroom at the Gladstone will host a party, in honour of the event, complete with drinks and DJs.

The organizers of the Lifestyle Market have done a wonderful job in selecting quality brands that share a simple and timeless style. If this is to be an annual event, I'd hope to see a few more products specifically for women next time around. 

The market runs until Sunday October 12th, but if Thanksgiving festivities make it impossible for you to stop by in person, check out the online shopping links provided above. 

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