Côte de Boeuf

It's October 1st and that means that Canadian Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Whether you're hosting a dinner or enjoying someone else's culinary expertise, stop by Ossington's Côte de Boeuf for menu inspiration, potluck treats, and edible hostess gifts. 

The masterminds behind the nearby Union Restaurant have brought a traditional butcher shop to the Ossington strip which features naturally raised meats, locally sourced products, and seasonal produce. 

In the fridge you'll find farm-fresh eggs, milk, charcuterie and cheese. I think all meals should include a good helping of charcuterie and cheese, so why not pick some up to kick off Thanksgiving dinner? 

The dry-goods section features gourmet crackers, preserves, and Canadian maple syrup. Maybe it's just me, but I would love it if someone brought me maple syrup as a hostess gift. The real stuff is crazy expensive, and I can't stand to have fake syrup in my kitchen.

Even though steak isn't traditional Thanksgiving fare, BBQ season isn't quite over yet, and who says we have to stick to turkey every year?

If you want a preview of the kind of quality food they've put on the shelves, pick up one of their prepared sandwiches. This ham and cheese sandwich is simple, but made from such quality ingredients that it goes above-and-beyond your normal brown-bag lunch. The baguette manages to be both crusty and soft, the fillings are rich in flavour, and the butter is fresher-than-fresh. If you're looking to pick up some lunch, get their early because they sell out well before closing. 

It's easy to tell that the boys behind Côte de Boeuf care about food quality and have made a priority of supporting local farmers and small businesses. So, why not shake things up a little this holiday weekend and try incorporating something fresh, seasonal, and local. 

For more information visit: www.cdbossington.com 

Store Hours: Monday & Sunday: 11-6 // Tuesday-Saturday: 11-7