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Beauty Products I've Thrown Out

If you stop by this blog regularly you know that, like a lot of beauty and lifestyle bloggers, I do a monthly round-up of my favourite products. While it's true that I love most of the products I try, there are a few I have regretted purchasing. To spare you the same disappointment, here are four beauty products I've thrown out. 

Romantic Valentine's Day Makeup Look

I was looking for a little Valentine's Day beauty inspiration recently and as I was browsing images, I noticed one look coming up over and over again. Glowing skin, a metallic eye, and a bright red lip seems to be the Valentine's look this year. With the above photos as my inspiration, here's how to recreate this look just in time for Valentine's Day. 

January Wishlist

There isn't much on my wishlist this month since after Christmas I really can't think of much I need. However, there are a few empty spots in my closet and my makeup drawer that could do with filling. 


Winter Business Trip Capsule Wardrobe

As you read this, I am sitting in a conference room in downtown Manhattan on the first day of my winter MFA residency. Although this trip is part of my graduate studies, it looks and feels a lot like  real, grownup professional's business trip. Never having been on an actual business trip before, I had some fun packing and planning my outfits for my week in New York City. 

December Favourites

December brought Toronto's first snowstorm and winter is officially in full swing. Last month was all about keep my feet warm and my skin hydrated as I adjusted from crisp fall air and changing leaves to slushy streets and snowfalls.