November Favourites

Hello December! I am so excited to be officially in the Christmas season and I am also proud to say that I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. I've never been this organized before but I really wanted to avoid the December crowds and have a relaxing month off from school. But before we can really start talking about the holidays, we have to say goodbye to November with a monthly favourites post.

How I Got My First Sponsored Post

A few months ago I accomplished a goal I'd had for a long time: I got my first sponsored blog post, which also doubled as my first paid writing gig. Sure I'd had some articles published online and I made enough money from ticket sales when I produced my play to not go into debt, but this was the first time I saw a profit in my bank account from my writing. 

Gift Guide for the #Girlboss

I am so excited to start my Christmas shopping this year that I made it my reward for finishing all my schoolwork. I am happy to say that, as of one hour ago, I am now DONE this semester. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for meeting all my deadlines early and tomorrow I will officially start my holiday shopping. In that spirit, I've put together a Christmas gift guide to help you shop for the #Girlboss in your life. 

Currently November

Simply making it to the end of November has been my primary goal for the last three months. This semester has been jam-packed and knowing that my last deadline is at the end of this month has been the light at the end of my scholarly tunnel since September

November Wishlist

It's November and I'm so excited to start my Christmas shopping! Over the last couple years I've really gotten into the gift-giving spirit and now always I'm in competition with myself to find better gifts for all my loved ones than I did the year before. Since this is a time for giving it seems a little selfish to make a wishlist right now, but I'm a creature of habit and can't really imagine skipping a regular monthly blog feature like this.

Netflix and Chill Essentials

When the weather is chilly and it's raining like it is today, there's nothing better than a cozy night at home. "Netflix and Chill" has become a popular expression for a reason! Since I work so much from home, it's easy for my workday to spill over into the evening. Once a week I like to pick an evening where make a point to turn off my computer, log off social media, and have a relaxing night to myself. Here are my "Netflix and Chill" Essentials.